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  • 08/06/17--03:04: Featured Image
  • Hi,
    since today I have a strange problem with the featured image plugin when creating a new (or changing an existing article) article.

    Usually the right column has:
    1st block: Publish
    2nd block: Featured image with the SET Button
    3rd block: Publish date

    What i see now between the 2nd and 3d block is a list of my gallery categories:

    Current featured image
    Architektur (0)
    Bauten (60)
    Burgen (36)
    Industrie (22)
    Skulpturen (29)
    After that:

    Current featured image

    At the end of the list I see the fields where I can set the published date.

    What makes me wonder:
    In the last days I have created a bunch of new articles without problems.
    Since today I am not able to use the plugin.

    Any ideas?

    PHPVersion is 7.1.8
    Zenphoto: 1.4.14

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  • 08/01/17--10:37: Tag seperator
  • This is not a major issue and most people will probably think it isn't a problem. But:

    I am loading thousands of photos into zenphoto and I am finding it easier to add/edit the photo tags/keywords using a third party editor. However the issue I'm asking about is that nearly all of these editors require the keywords to be entered as a string rather than a list.

    When I enter the keyword string, I separate the keywords with a comma, but zenphoto still reads them as one tag unlike when entered as a list zenphoto reads them as separate tags.

    Is there another separator I can use or is this just the way zenphoto reads this type of input?

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  • 08/07/17--03:26: Archive View & dates
  • Two questions here:

    1. In archive view, which date fields are used to generate the list? If it uses ALL date fields as is suggested in archive.php - line 40 - <?php printAllDates(); ?> - Is it possible display dates from photos/videos only and NOT albums?

    2. Because I use a lot of master albums that will never have any content other than sub-albums; is it possible to keep the master album date fields empty?

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    I am stuck on this error of the setup script while trying to install zenphoto on a synology nas with nginx php 5.6.30 mariadb10
    I have created a zenphoto in mariadb10 database with phpmyadmin.
    All circles are green and checked.

    I have tried to manually define webpath to /volume1/web/zenphoto without success.

    I am looking for clues and help.


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  • 08/03/17--18:20: ZenPayPal 2-alpha
  • Hi, all.

    I rewrite my code about zenpaypal plugin, in new version.
    I attempt to use the "Paypal REST API PHP SDK".

    I need to create a checkout php script receiving posted datas from the form html (wrote by function zenpaypal into zenPaypal.php script).

    How to do it for running correctly with zenphoto, and my zenpaypal plugin?

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    Hi guys,

    I want to show/hide a text div depending on the file type on image.php.

    Can you tell me how to set it as a 'php if' on file type?
    I wonder it'd be similar to the <?php if (hasPrevImage()) { ?>.

    Thank you very much.

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    I would like to add a title to each of the thumbnails on the album view page. I know this information is given on 'mouse over' but I would like the title to be displayed if possible.

    I have added <?php printImageTitle(); ?> on line 67 in album.php and it has done what I wanted.

    However as you would expect, it has 'messed up' the layout and the title is showing above the 'next' thumbnail and not under the correct one.

    I am not sure how to alter 'style.css' to 'tidy up' the album view layout. Ideally,I would like to have the image title in a 'text box' which is the width of the thumbnail with a maximum 3 line depth, for the text.

    Can anybody suggest how I can alter style.css to achieve this?

    I have left my alteration to album.php in place so you can see the result and you can still access my site using - test-user & test123.

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  • 06/26/17--02:10: download list
  • Hi, I have the plugin downloadList installed and specified as a folder ../download. How can the visitor of the site now compile a download list? Do I have to do something else? I use the Basic Theme.
    Greeting Michael

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    As I remember at some point when you started typing a search word into the search window a drop down list of words matching the characters typed would open. You could then select the word you wanted to search for.

    Has this feature been removed? I have tried all the settings in the search options and can not get it show a drop down list.

    Thanks, jakinnaird3321

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  • 08/24/17--11:50: UNABLE TO LOG IN. Help!!!
  • I had some albums attached to my web page through Ipower. I didn't make any change on them in a while (several years). Now I try to get in but I forgot the password. First I tried to retreive the password using the capcha. I didnt recieved anything. Later, looking on the forum I tried to do some things but clearly now its worst. Now I am not even able to get in the login page and neither see my albums online. The data is there but I need to gain access to them. Could somebody help????

    My weppage is

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    Is it possible to set the default view when editing an image so the tags option automatically appears without having to select Edit All Image Data.

    Many moons ago I remember being able to edit images from the front end but that was changed for security reason. But as I remember even after that the Tags selector appeared when you opened Edit and Image. Now it appears that you can only view the tags option when editing one image at a time

    I am rebuilding a site with 4,000 plus images and have not been able to import the data base files and have found I need to copy and paste the image comments and also re-select all the tags for each image.

    Thanks, jakinnaird3321

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    all is in the title :
    it seems function printGalleryIndexURL is missing in zenphoto documentation.

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  • 08/18/17--19:41: Zenpage and Gallery
  • I was using an older version of zenphoto and had links to news and articles on the right side. I recently upgrade and the news and articles are no longer there. I turned on the Zenpage plugin and now the news and articles appear but the main page with the gallery thumbnails no longer appears, rather one of the news pages opens. Can I use Zenpage and still have the program open with the gallery thumbnail page? There is a gallery button on the right but thast only shows the images as they were added not the albums.

    John A. Kinnaird

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    If there is any way to transfer my albums that are in an old Zen Photo account to the database of a new account that I created? I still have the old database.

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  • 10/20/10--16:38: New Theme : zpArdoise
  • Hello

    after having submitted my site for the showcase (, I am pleased to offer my zpArdoise theme to download.

    Follow the link to read the news and for dowload the theme :

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  • 08/25/11--13:34: new theme : i-feel-dirty
  • Hi

    there is a new theme for zenphoto/zenpage

    i-feel-dirty is a theme initialy created for Wordpress by Studio ST.

    I found this theme by chance, and as I liked it, I decided to adapt it to ZenPhoto respecting as best as possible the graphics of the original.

    Please, follow the link to read the news and for download the theme :

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    as discuss before (, my new responsive theme is ready.
    you can see it in action here :

    I have some packaging to do, but it should be downloadable in few days.

    Thanks in advance for your feedback!

    Please report bugs on the Zenphoto forum and I will try to fix as soon as possible.

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    This is the old showcase topic.

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  • 09/20/17--03:06: issue with dowload link ?
  • hi all,

    is there an issue with the main link of zenphoto? allways redirects to

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    After extract files on my ftp, i have a problem with the link :
    That's a problem with php with my webhost ?
    i see actually on this link : ' . $_contents; @eval($_contents); if (@$_zp_conf_vars['site_upgrade_state'] == 'closed') { if (isset($_zp_conf etc.... etc....

    Thank you for your help

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