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Zenphoto forum

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    Hi all,

    i would like to use zenphoto together with xampp apache webserver. I installed xampp an the latest version of zenphoto. Now i would like to save or upload the pics to an other pc (in my case a NAS from Netgear ReadyNAS 2100) and not on the local machine where xampp and zenphoto is running. Could you explain me if this works an how it works?

    Thanks a lot

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    If you mean managing images on a different server than Zenphoto that is not possible. You could try to use symlinks maybe. I think on the forum that was discussed somewhere.

    If you mean how to transfer the site or the images to another server:

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    I mean for example a group of users should have the login to the zenphoto webaccess and they want to upload some pictures. If they click on (in german Hochladen/Bilder) or Upload/Images and then "upload to" they can only choose "/". So i think they can onlye upload files on the same machine where zenphoto is installed, isn`t it?

    I am looking for a program like zenphot but i need the function that the users can upload files to an other storage in the same network.

    Could you give me a link to symlinks. I found nothing about that :(

    thank you

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    Zenphoto is file system based and therefore can only manage images on the same server. So what you wish to do would require syncing. Here is a diagram how Zenphoto works.

    Sorry, I have no link to symlinks at hand, I would have to search myself. Try google which often finds things better than the forum search itself.

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    So, do you know if i can install zenphoto on the Netgear RedayNAS 2100? The NAS should be the storage for the pictures and if i can install zenphoto directly on the NAS it would be perfect... any idea?

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    I have no knowledge about an NAS. If it is a server matching the requirements I see no reason why not.

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    Hi all
    whenever i want to upload images i saw this message appear i.e.
    at the page Admin-->Option-->Image
    "The Imagick extension is not available"

    where is i can found imagick ext? and how can i install it?

    also at the page admin-->upload-->images found this appear
    "No uploader plugin has been enabled."
    i already activated all plugins but not solved it..

    also at page admin-->upload-->files this error message found
    Warning: require_once(C:\xampp\htdocs\zenphoto_v1445\zp-core\zp-extensions\tiny_mce\plugins\ajaxfilemanager\langs\en.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in C:\xampp\htdocs\zenphoto_v1445\zp-core\zp-extensions\tiny_mce\plugins\ajaxfilemanager\inc\config.php on line 66

    Fatal error: require_once(): Failed opening required 'C:\xampp\htdocs\zenphoto_v1445\zp-core\zp-extensions\tiny_mce\plugins\ajaxfilemanager\langs\en.php' (include_path='.;C:\xampp\php\PEAR') in C:\xampp\htdocs\zenphoto_v1445\zp-core\zp-extensions\tiny_mce\plugins\ajaxfilemanager\inc\config.php on line 66

    is there someone know what should i do?

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    Imagick is a server php extension. You will have to contact your host about that. You should have the GD extension to run Zenphoto otherwise I don't know how you could have completed the setup script without any errors.

    If you have user any install helper tool provide by your host you have to contact them as well. WE cannot help with that.

    The other errors might be file/folder permissions. Please see the user guide on our site about that and search the forum.

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    Many thanks Acrylian

    but i try it now at local PC using xampp for windows 8, with php 5.4.7 & mysql 5.5+

    any tutorial that may help me?

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    I think all those packages (WAMP, XAMP, MAMP) don't ship Imagick, so you will either have to install it yourself (can't help, never tried) or just use the GD libary included.

    Regarding permissions you find it on the troubleshooting on our user guide.

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    hi guys !

    I just installed zenphoto version, through my hosting site.i know its not latest version,but my hosting site offers only this version as latest stable.Now i got 3 Questions :

    1]how to install manually latest version of zenphoto via http://ftp.i tried this : I downloaded ,unzipped & uploaded all files/folders to my desired domain :

    after uploading was complete ,i went to ,but found nothing.i had created database tru my hosting a/ how to proceed from here & complete installation.

    2]i installed zenphoto tru my hosting a/c ,installed Stopdesign Theme .created few albums .tru control panel,i activated search option only for "Title".

    now when i actually enter album title & do search,i get some server error & hence i cant get search function to rectify this?

    3]how to upload video files like .webm format .i clicked upload option tru control panel,than files>uplaod but from my pc i cant reach webm video files.what to do? in short how to upload videos .can we upload any format video.

    Any1 plz answer all my Qs.thanx in advance.

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    1) That is actually described detailed on our installation page. It is simple as that. You don'T upload the folder you unzipped but its contents.

    2) "Some server error" really does not help us to help you. We need the proper error message. Also of course it is an older version and we don't know if the installer you used works properly. Sorry.

    3) Our jPlayer plugin supports webm but only as counter part formats (HTML5 vs FLASH fallback). So you need to have mp4 files first. You can only upload webm via FTP as otherwise you couldn't use them. This is explained on the jPlayer plugin documentation you can access via the admin backend of Zenphoto (not again that it is of course for the latest Zenphoto release).

    I hope that helps so far.

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    for Question 2 for "Search " ,here is detail error message i get :

    Server error
    The website encountered an error while retrieving It may be down for maintenance or configured incorrectly.
    Here are some suggestions:
    Reload this webpage later.
    HTTP Error 500 (Internal Server Error): An unexpected condition was encountered while the server was attempting to fulfill the request.

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    you can try to see the error by visiting my site link :

    Than enter album title ,like "Flowers" in search box and see the error.

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    You will have to find your site error logs and see what they tell you. Maybe also find something in the Zenphoto debug log.

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    friend ,i know nothing technical about programming,so error logs & all,they are too much for me to know.i am no programmer,just a layman.

    Do you think if i manually install latest zenphoto version ,than search error will vanish ?

    if yes,than i want to install zenphoto on : .

    now using ftp i upload contents of "zenphoto folder" (not zenphoto folder itself)to above domain.

    so my zenphoto is installed on link :


    now upto here i understand,how to proceed further?

    do i need to type : in the address bar,than proceed further by filling database info & all.will it be ok from here?

    btw do latest zenphoto version encounter any problem in "search " function .

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    Sorry to say, if you are self hosting a tool like Zenphoto or any other you need to learn about basic stuff like error logs. That will not work. is the link to run setup. Which actually would happen automatically.

    btw do latest zenphoto version encounter any problem in "search " function
    Not that we know of naturally.

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    can u plz tell where to find error log,from hosting control panel?.i checked it ,i found error log files to download of all other domains,but could not find any error log for above domain : .

    suppose if i find it,than does error log tell me what errors occurred in my site,if yes than how to correct those errors.

    what about debug log,what to do with that info? plz help frnd.

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    YOu find the Zenphoto logs on the backend tab "logs" or within the zp-data folder of the installation. Regarding the server logs you have to ask your host, I can't know that.

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    ok,buddy thanx 4 everything.u really made it easy 4 me.finally manage to install latest version & search function worked fine.thanx.

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