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  • 05/02/14--05:29: acrylian on "Upload Freeze"
  • Please provide some more info like error log entries. Otherwise we are just guessing. (See also:

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    Last two entries in the Server Error Log:

    [Fri May 02 16:29:33 2014] [error] [client] File does not exist: /usr/home/celltowe/public_html/404.shtml
    [Fri May 02 16:29:33 2014] [error] [client] File does not exist: /usr/home/celltowe/public_html/favicon.ico

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    This is from Zen Photo Debug Log:

    {760:Fri, 02 May 2014 18:59:28 GMT} Zenphoto v1.4.5.7[59c22b2fbac4ffc7cf4baea7589473eb35de3adf]

    NOTICE: Undefined index: ZENPHOTO in /usr/home/celltowe/public_html/photos/zp-core/reconfigure.php on line 94

    checkSignature called from reconfigureAction (reconfigure.php [12])

    from require_once (functions-basic.php [142])

    from require_once (functions.php [17])

    from include (index.php [13])

    from index.php [22]

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    Update, it works with Chrome, but not firefox. Any clues?

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  • 05/02/14--07:03: sbillard on "Upload Freeze"
  • Well, since you have not bothered to tell us anything even like what uploader you were using, as Acrylian says we can only guess. So my guess it that it is a FireFox bug since it works with Chrome.

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    both uploaders (Jquery and http)

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  • 05/02/14--07:25: sbillard on "Upload Freeze"
  • Really, did you even look at the guidelines of what details to provide? And if you did, then why did you ignore them?

    BTW, there is no "Add Files" button on the http uploader. It is quite difficult to provide any support with missing and inaccurate information.

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    I have several zenphoto sites attached to my main website blog. All but one are functioning fine. But on one the upload tab is missing. I am the admin on the site with all permissions granted, yet there is no UPLOAD tab. How can I get that back? I have had it in the past. It's just gone missing.

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    Upload handers are all plugins, so most likely none are enabled. If you wanted to use only the jQuery one it might be the case that the site does not meet the minimum requirements for the plugin.

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    I am trying to find where in the code it reads and saves the IPTC information from an image during the upload process. I want to automatically convert line breaks in the description field to either <br /> or format with <p></p> tags before it saves that information into the database so that I don't have to edit 100s of image descriptions before or after I upload them.

    Mark H

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    I found it. It's in \zp-core\class-image.php. Now I can do what I want. Actually, just needed to 1 line of code to convert newlines to HTML breaks:

    /* iptc description */
          $desc = $this->get('IPTCImageCaption');
          if (!empty($desc)) {
             // mrh add code to add line breaks.
             $desc = nl2br($desc);

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    It is not recommended to hack the core as you have to re-apply your change to every update. Better would be to open a feature suggestion ticket maybe.

    The meta data is saved on each row on the "images" table btw.

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    Oh I know it's not recommended and why I always comment what I've done so I can do a global search on the files to see what I've modified when an update is available. (I back everything up prior to any kind of core updates.) I prefer not doing it but sometimes I have to. I've been doing it with the Gallery 3 and WordPress code and their plug-ins for some time.

    Anyway, I did at least make a duplicate of the Garland theme that I am working on. I had do to a global search and replace for "garland" to "mygarland"; otherwise, it was still using some files from the original theme's folder.

    But, I'll go ahead and make that suggestion as it's straight forward and what most user's would expect to happen when IPTC descriptions are imported. Of course, then you have to worry about them having already added the <br /> tags into the IPTC description.. :/

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    Sure, I just wanted to mention it. The line break conversion we probably wil add as an option anyway.

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    I know that when uploading files, which ever file happens to make it into the gallery first gets the lowest ID. What about when unzipping a whole album's worth of images (via FTP and then unzipping via shell connection)? Does it see the files via filename, date, or what criteria to determine which file it sees first?

    Unless I am missing something, is there a way (using Jquery) to do the uploads 1 file at a time in the order they are shown?

    Generally it's not that big a deal since you can sort the albums by whatever but there are times I want to control the of files it sees.

    Mark H.

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    The ID is the order of discovery from the file system. I don't know how Gallery does it, but Zenphoto is entirely file system based. If you uploads folders with images or folders directly via FTP and once visiting the first time they are recognized and added.

    If you remove them via FTP Zenphoto will remove them as soon as the album is visited. Both counts for front and back end.

    Some info on the caching and discovery process:

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    Yeah, Gallery had an option in the batch upload window to upload one file at a time or X number at the same time. Hmm an idea. I'll use my FTP client and set it to single connection only and ftp them one at a time to server to see if that will do what I want.

    Hmmm.. not really. The ID it creates for the images seems fairly random. Not really by filename or modified date. Anyway, been up too long. I may go look around in the code for my own curiosity to see how/when it creates the IDs. It was just weird seeing the RSS feed with images with names like "XYZ Photo #1", "XYZ Photo #2" and so on being out of order when using the ID.

    For this gallery it's all kind of moot since I won't really be doing anymore batch uploads. Mostly the next one I need to do with its 1000+ images. I'm probably making a mountain out of mole hill anyway. LOL

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    To discover the images and albums Zenphoto needs to be visited. So even if you upload image 1 first via ftp but you first visit image 2 on the backend or someone on the front end, image 2 will have the lower id.

    RSS feeds can be change to sort by something else than ID, too. Either by calling a specific feed or changing the option defaults.

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    Yeah, I tried doing it by date, but that doesn't really work since I uploaded a new image I found that I took back in the 90s and it didn't show in the feed because it was much older date wise (Exif info)... so I put the RSS feed back on ID. Filemtime might work.

    But, after I get back to just doing my normal operation then it won't really matter as the ID will work fine because I typically look at the image right after I upload it anyway. Gallery, would process the image right after it was uploaded. I'm probably the only one that subscribes to it anyway so it's all a silly discussion most likely LOL. Anyway, still nice to know how it does things. Thanks for the info.

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    I receive a blank pg after upload with no error. The url in the browser is the site/zenphoto folder/zp-core/zp-extensions/uploader_http/uploader.php. I have checked file attributes and syntax errors. Any suggestions as to where to look would be appreciated. Thanks

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