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    I do not use a comment function. How can I disable the comment function globally? Also because of more security.

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    i have tested the "paged-thumbs-nav" but thats not realy what i need. I think, the "paged-thumbs-nav" function works not correctly.

    The "paged-thumbs-nav" display everytime the current thumb, not only the prev and next thumb.
    Click on a prev or next thumb will not loaded realy the prev or next image page, only switch between the displayed thumbs. Don't load the next and next and next thumb or prev and prev and prev thumb.
    On the first image page, the text for prev is double.
    The counter is very crazy.

    OK, for whatever this function should be good. I'm looking for another, similar, function.
    Is there a function that can always display only a linked thumb of the previous and the next image page in image pages? In the first and last image page then logically none, or start or end text. I have this in my current photo gallery and thats great. But I do not feel like coding a lot. This is always such an update barrier.

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  • 02/23/18--04:58: Only Single User mode?
  • Is there a option or plugin or similar tho "convert" ZenPhoto into a only single user CMS? So, in which all multi-user functions are turned off. Also because of more security.

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    i don't found a image page pagination with "current / total" number of image pages in a album for the image.php.

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    has anyone here experience with the migration from Gallery3 to Zenphoto? Now that I have tested ZenPhoto and found it very good, I want to migrate my Gallery3 to ZenPhoto. There are ~ 15,000 photos.
    I found the Nirvana Python script.
    Has anyone used that? Is there anything special to consider?

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    Today I changed my server's PHP version to 5.5.12 .
    After that, I opened Zenphoto and the setup popped up, and everything went well.
    But when opening albums in the admin panel, I get "Notice: Bad filename suffix in newImage()". And no photos are displayed.
    The same happens with PHP 5.4.28.

    Any help?

    Thanks in advance.

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    I did not understand the logic of the image cache.
    In the case of a high-traffic gallery, the image cache is used once for storage space and, in addition, server load is produced.
    If I understood correctly, the resize images and thumbnails are also generated by the server (if not present) when search robots make a web page request (or somebody). So, on average, all resize and thumbs are in cache anyway. Deleting them after a certain time only increases the server load.
    Honestly. How often does a user change the size of resize images and thumbnails? With me: only once.

    In my gallery the original images (in / albums) and the resize images are to be protected from hotlinking and these image files are not indexed by searchrobots (the text of the image pages already). But, it should allow the thumbnails of searchrobots to be indexed. (only thumbs: bing and google image search indexing allowed. All images: hotlinking disallow). In the logic with the image chache this becomes very difficult.

    It would at least be an advantage if the resizes and thumbs were stored in different folders. Even better would be if they were stored in the same folder structure (not in the same folder) as the original image files. Example resize max-width / max-height 800 = parent folder "/800" or "/resize". Thumbs size 150 = parent folder "/150" or "/thumbs". Saving in the same folder structure also saves the renaming of file names, what makes it even better. All resize and thumbs together in a single folder is unwieldy.
    I do not understand the benefit of image cache.

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    I have a question about the URLs in relation to search engines, which always have the extension as the file extension.

    This URL looks like it's leading to a JPG file. But it leads to a webpage. Do not recognize the search engine as a fake?

    The additional file extension .html or .php I find ugly.

    Is the file extension really that important? The path to the file is in the URL. It could just be that two files with the same name and different file extensions are stored in the same folder. How often does this happen?

    I do not want to hear now that it is OK, but like to be shown sources that it is not a problem. Especially for search engine ranking.

    Plus theme: URL encoding?

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  • 02/25/18--06:23: Picture in Orientation
  • Hello I have some picture with the orientation :6: -90 degrés
    and this pictures are not in the good way (horizontal an not vertical) how resolve this problem please

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  • 02/26/18--08:24: Limited amount of users...
  • Hi Zen-Team,

    maybe you can help me out with this one:

    When you have a lot of users, you get an error message:

    Die Übermittlung des Formulars ist nicht vollständig. Möglicherweise übersteigt die Formulargrösse den Konfigurationswert des Servers oder Browser-Begrenzungen.

    (The data is not transferred completely...)

    I guess that every user with all settings is always transferred when you change a user or add a user. So after a certain amount of users the string is getting too long and you can't add any more. Is there a way around, that only the changed data is transferred and not everything? I will need even more users, and I am at the end of the possible string length :-(

    Hope you understand what I mean, if not feel free to contact me.

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    several themes uses gallery.php as index page for their gallery (as offical zenpage and garland themes).

    rewriteToken plugin allows to change some rewrited url.
    but it doesn't allow to rewrite gallery url and it remains page/gallery

    if you think it's a good idea, could you update this plugin to enable a token to change gallery url as needed?

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  • 02/27/18--12:50: SEO URL for full image?
  • What do I have to do to ensure that the full images get an SEO URL?
    I have activated colorbox.

    The full image URL:


    in the source code:

    <div id="image"><strong><a href="/zp-core/full-image.php?a=land-xyz/asdfghjk&amp;i=PICT0023.JPG&amp;q=75&amp;wmk=%21&amp;dsp=Protected%20view&amp;check=a67bfe9d0c89713d651f13cff7a04d944812f233" title="PICT0023" class="fullimage cboxElement"><img src="/cache/land-xyz/asdfghjk/PICT0023_600.jpg" alt="PICT0023" width="400" height="600"></a></strong></div>

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    I have two wishes.
    It would be nice if on the backend page, where the images can be edited individually (image edit subpage), there would be a previous and next button to the previous and next image and a link to the viewing frontend page of the image.

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  • 03/02/18--03:00: Question about ... migration
  • Hello,
    i have a little bit questions to a migration.
    The Python Script don't work (for me). I will make it self, with PHP.

    I am now looking for different ways of migration and want to inform myself about this.

    1.) The first option would be to first scan all images from ZenPhoto and then to expand the ZenPhoto database with the titles, description, tags, etc, using the data from the Gallery3 database.

    Is it OK if ~15000 image files are saved in the folder /albums and then the admin page "Albums" is called up, or is this overloading the system? Respectively, where is the point where the images are scanned / recognized?
    Respectively, are really all images in folders and subfolders scanned once with the call to the admin page "Albums"?

    2.) The second option would be to fill the ZenPhoto database untouched with the data from the Gallery3 database. Since I do not know which tables and columns in the ZenPhoto database necessarily have to be filled out.

    Other problems will be to show in ZenPhoto the parent album thumbs which are manually selected in Gallery3.

    If you have information and ideas I am very happy about it.

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    The htaccess in my fresh zenphoto installation has a double slash at the RewriteBase.
    What's it all about?

    I found this, and the link is dead:

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    First of all, I love this Zenphoto tool. You did just such a great job in creating this!
    My question is the following. I have been trying to set up the Zenphoto site on a SSL https:// connection. When I am logged out and I type my url with the http:// it still redirects me to the non-protected http://, while it should redirect me to the https:// url. I have selected the https function in the security section and I have set up the gallery page path to https. I know my server is set up correctly because when I reach the admin section it turns into https and when I type in the url with https it works fine. The question is why does the password.php page not redirect over from http:// to https:// when I type in the url with http//:.

    Your help/advice would be very much appreciated

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  • 03/02/18--09:17: search form in zenphoto docs
  • The search form in zenphoto documentation has no button.

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    i don't understand the multi-lingual option.

    The first problem is, that not will be differentiate between backend and frontend. For discussion in this forum and in github are english in the backend is better. But i have not a english website.

    The next problem is the database. I need a clear database. Actually i see this entries in the database:
    a:1:{s:5:"de_DE";s:13:"Album ABCDEFG";}
    But also this
    Album HIJKLMN
    I like the second database entrie method. How can i disable the first database entrie method?

    I do not remember if this may have something to do with the backend option "multi-lingual", or if it was enabled in default mode.

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    I use zpBootstrap Version 2.1 with isotope jQuery plugin enabled.
    Is it possible to print also the image description under the image title?

    Zenphoto-Version 1.4.14

    Thank you!

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    is the dropdown option "Display images by:" in the image edit page only for a session or a setting? I search a global setting to "manual".

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