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    I use zpBoottrap Version 2.1 with isotope enabled.
    Pictures are not shown in the archive view. This looks like I see now.


    558 Hits for May 2017
    Albums (0) & Images (558)
    « 1 2 3 4 5 ...28 »

    no pictures!!!

    « 1 2 3 4 5 ...28 »

    can you help me?
    Thank you.

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    in my debug log, I can see that
    {17190:Wed, 24 Jan 2018 01:35:07 GMT} Zenphoto v1.4.14 NOTICE: Undefined index: link in /home/avbo7291/public_html/zenphoto/zp-core/cron_runner.php on line 16 {26594:Sun, 28 Jan 2018 22:21:34 GMT} NOTICE: Undefined index: link in /home/avbo7291/public_html/zenphoto/zp-core/cron_runner.php on line 16

    and in the same time I can see in my security log:
    2018-01-24 02:35:07 Admin access Failed /zp-core/cron_runner.php 2018-01-28 23:21:34 Admin access Failed /zp-core/cron_runner.php

    any explanations of that log?

    in fact, in actual code of cron_runner.php, I can see (1st line is line 16):
    [...] $link = sanitize($_POST['link']); if (isset($_POST['auth'])) { $auth = sanitize($_POST['auth']); $admin = $_zp_authority->getMasterUser(); if (sha1($link . serialize($admin)) == $auth && $admin->getRights()) { $_zp_current_admin_obj = $admin; $_zp_loggedin = $admin->getRights(); } }

    and there is no test if $_POST['link'] is set or not

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    in my debug log, I can see that:

     {536:Tue, 06 Mar 2018 08:48:18 GMT}
    NOTICE: Use of undefined constant ADMIN_RIGHTS - assumed 'ADMIN_RIGHTS' in /home/.../public_html/zenphoto/zp-core/reconfigure.php on line 82
    checkSignature called from reconfigureAction (reconfigure.php [12])
    from require_once (functions-basic.php [162])
    from require_once (functions.php [17])
    from include (index.php [14])
    from index.php [31]
    {536:Tue, 06 Mar 2018 08:48:18 GMT}
    NOTICE: Use of undefined constant ADMIN_RIGHTS - assumed 'ADMIN_RIGHTS' in /home/.../public_html/zenphoto/zp-core/functions.php on line 2302
    zp_loggedin called from checkSignature (reconfigure.php [82])
    from reconfigureAction (reconfigure.php [12])
    from require_once (functions-basic.php [162])
    from require_once (functions.php [17])
    from include (index.php [14])
    from index.php [31] 

    is there a matter there ?

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    Hi Vincent,
    when I open an Album with my mobile phone I see image thumbs with two different sizes aragend two or one in a line. I'd like to have it like your site (, two thumbs in a line with same size. Can you help me please to change it?

    thank you

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    Is there a better way to achieve this ? I do this way:

    The album is not published, and the user I have choosen is the only one in user tab/managed albums, who is checked to allow him viewing "not published album", for the only album I want him to see.

    So when this user log in, more albums appears in the gallery.

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    I have a site I wrote some time back now, that has a gallery I embedded. But it's not very user friendly. Zenphoto looks more feature rich, so I was hoping to swap the galleries. So can that be done, or does a whole site need to be build using Zenphoto?

    Thanks in advance for any advice.

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  • 03/08/18--06:40: Database: Reserved words
  • Info hint:
    Hi, you use a reserved word in the database.
    Table "albums" column "desc".

    It's a little bit problematic, when you don't know the solution.
    Use it in database queries as



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  • 03/08/18--06:55: New line to HTML br?
  • I have already asked in another forum, what about the line breaks in the description?
    Currently no \n are converted to <br> and that is not a solution.
    <?php nl2br(printAlbumDesc()); ?>
    What helps?

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    Why are the EXIF meta tags included in the resize images and the thumbnails? That's amazing. A Thumbnail with EXIF meta tags!

    How to delete the EXIF data when creating the resize images and thumbnails?

    I don't like resizes and thumbs with EXIF data.

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    Question: Are the Exif data from an image file automatically grabbed on-the-fly and written to the database?
    A test says no.

    Next question: Are the Exif data from an image file automatically grabbed when the image edit page is called and written to the database?
    A test says no.

    Next question: Does "Metatag refresh" always have to be clicked when new photos are put online? Why not automatically?

    Is the problem only with me? I have not yet clicked "Metatag refresh".

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  • 03/09/18--00:59: Remove specific archive item
  • Hi,

    how can I remove one specific archive item?
    Now it's look like:

    Gallery archive

        March (1)
        May (557)

    and I want to remove " 2018 March (1)"
    Is this possible?

    Thank you!

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  • 06/12/12--08:17: Google map on search page
  • Hello
    First of all: Thanks a lot for your great photo gallery. I was looking and comparing for quite a while and zenphoto really rocks.

    I got a small problem though: I want to include the printGoogleMap function on the search page, so that it displays a map containing all the search results (at least the ones that contain GPS data). Is this possible at all? In the plugin documentation you state that it automatically detects if it is on an image or an album page. Does this mean that there is no possibility to include it on the search.php page?

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    I have a specific question about displaying in album pages of image thumbs and album thumbs.

    There is the option in "Options -> Theme -> Transition -> separate / combined"

    "combined" is good. But, how about sorting? For me, the image thumbs are currently displayed under the album thumbs. Is it even possible to sort the image thumbs via the album thumbs? And is it possible that there is no line break between the two?

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  • 03/10/18--13:13: Host images on Google Drive?
  • I know this is a stretch but would it be possible to store images on Google Drive while still running ZenPhoto on my current server?

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    Dear all,

    My ZenPhoto is installed in the folder:

    while the default ZenPhoto albums are located in folder:

    Is it possible to move the album folder to the same level as the installation folder?

    Thanks for any kind of help!

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    Last few years I uploaded a couple illustrations to my zenPHOTO (1.4.14) site that are 9201x6800, but now (if ever) they're not displaying. Can anyone state what adjustments one needs to make (maybe to php.ini?) Though, they're black & white (or greyscale,) each under 8MB.

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    "once upon a time..." when I was using cache stored images tab, all pictures used in my news were cached.
    now (and I do not know since when), only one picture in one news is cached.
    The result is:
    0 image processor references found. 1 cached image reference found. 1 reference re-cached.

    All pictures in other news are cached only when I visit the news.

    An example of non cached pictures in a news :
    The only example of cached pictures in only a news:

    I can't figure where is the matter.

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  • 03/12/18--05:36: Standardized image source?
  • Is there a way to standardize the image source? It is quite unfavorable to use relative paths and once query strings. I need relative paths by all, not query string.

    <img src="/cache/myalbum/mysubalbum/PICT0001_200_thumb.jpg"

    <img src="/zp-core/i.php?a=myalbum/mysubalbum&i=PICT0001.JPG&s=200&cw=0&ch=0&q=75&t=1&wmk=%21&check=d0c7449ccd9fcf980facfd44fef0b301a9f66cf6"

    <img src="/cache/myalbum/mysubalbum/PICT0001_200_thumb.jpg"

    <img src="/zp-core/i.php?a=myalbum/mysubalbum&i=PICT0001.JPG.JPG&s=600&cw=0&ch=0&q=75&wmk=%21&check=e316c81a3d2b2d736069bbc889111a4310a10ebe"

    <img src="/albums/myalbum/mysubalbum/PICT0001.JPG

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    I noticed the following problem some time ago.

    Search Robots grab everything they can get. That's not always good. Especially with image search robots. For example, if the page uses previous image and next image, or a random image. In particular, it is a problem if these prev / next / random images are placed in front of the actual page resize image in the HTML source code. Then the image search robots do not grab the page resize image as a page image, but one of the others. This is very bad with random image, because always an incorrect page is linked to the indexed image. It is also bad with prev and next image, because the prev / next page is always linked to the indexed image. Since image search robots are very slow, that's even worse.

    My solution to this problem: soft links for all prev / next / random on the image page. Images with soft links are not indexed (no idea why, but that seems to be a problem with the robots). In addition, the soft links directories in the robots.txt can be locked.
    Separate folders for original, resize and thumbs is not bad either.

    All modding is much effort, but necessary. It is better if this is standard. I do not have a general solution. I just wanted to tell you that.

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    I noticed something strange with locale theme translations called by gettext_th().
    when I read the code (, I understand that the po files must have the same name of the theme folder name.

    example with my theme zpBoostrap.
    the po files are named zpBoostrap.po in each language directories.
    the theme name in theme_description.php is zpBoostrap
    but the folder name may be called by another name (ie zpBoostrap-2.0, because of github processsing).
    In that case my locale translations of my theme doesn't work.
    and I have to think to rename my theme folder name.

    as experienced user, I noticed it and I think about it when I install a new theme.
    but for newbies (which don't think to rename the theme folder name), it may causes translation issues.

    I think there is somewhere a confusion between theme name (this is a stable information) and theme folder name (that may change ie with versionning).

    note there is no matter with zenphoto locale translations gettext() because in setupDomain() (, the domain name is forced to zenphoto (I assume that is the po filename), and no matter what is the real folder name of this zenphoto installation.

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