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Zenphoto forum

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    the other two throws error as well, but those error mean very little to me

    Well, they might mean something to others, but if you do not tell us what they say, how can we help?

    From what you have described it would appear that your server is not fast enough to process the upload of the files. Anyway, we are not experts on servers, specially non-apache ones.

    I suggest you try to upload some of these files via FTP and see it that works. (E.g. you can see the items in Zenphoto without problems.) That will at least isolate the source of the problems.

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    Running PHP in FastCGI is actually no problem.

    I am by no means a server expert but did you rule out file/folder permission and owner issues? That is often a beloved source of all kind of issues. You also workaround by uploading via FTP directly.

    You really should post all errors you find in the logs. Anyonymize full server paths and such before doing so.

    Also note that the current Zenphoto version is

    Edit: Ah, too slow :-)

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    well, for

    -it's always "test.mp4 (25.53MB) - HTTP Error (for any file for that matter)
    -the other wierd thing I noticed is that the progress bar moves forward then resets to 0 then progress futher then drop back to 0 continuous until it fails

    -now... i was going to test to make sure i get the right error, but now it uploaded @@ whhaattaaaa???!!... sigh... I'm too tired...
    -side note, does it not have a progress bar?

    oh and the files do show up in zenphoto

    ok, may be that was one time luck, now im getting
    Error: TypeError: Unable to get property 'text' of undefined or null reference

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    That indicates either permissions or server security issues involved. Flash can be tricky.

    The flash uploader is not part of Zenphoto anymore. The jQuery uploader has a progress bar but of course if you happen to use an older IE or whatever browser it might not display. It is an adapted tool.

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    hey acrylian,

    thanks for replying so quickly, i did some more testing and it looks like for jQuery if I try a file over
    50MB, it will say upload successful, but when I check the folder it's not uploaded

    75MB, it will throw the error - TypeError: Unable to get property 'text' of undefined or null reference - (which this is the first time seeing that error)

    anything under 50MB seems to be fine, btw these are all MP4 files, any suggestion? may be i'll go try and fiddle around with the server settings again and see what happens, may be i missed testing jQuery when I tried one of the setting (though I thought I had revert them back each time..)

    i think i'll get rid of the flash uploader if that's the case, only need one anyways


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    PHP (and perhaps) your server has limit settings for how much can be uploaded. Check those.

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    ah, looks like I probably missed testing jQuery when I made modification to FcgidMaxRequestLen in fcgid.conf

    I played around with the numbers and that did make the difference, so for anyone who is having similar issue and have FastCGI installed, go find your fcgid.conf and modify the number by calculating what your desired MB amount is in 1024 format (or else it'll be less)

    the little devil isn't in php.ini or apache2.conf btw (so many places to change these limits... =.=)

    thanks for the help guys

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  • 11/13/13--03:52: mikencfl65 on "FTP Folder"
  • I get this error when I try to upload a video to a folder useing FTP

    553 Can't open that file: Permission denied
    Error: Critical file transfer error after transferring 262,144 bytes in 1 second

    How can I fix this?

    Thank you Michael

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  • 11/13/13--03:56: fretzl on "FTP Folder"
  • Create a new folder/album within the albums folder.
    Upload your files to that new folder/album.

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  • 11/13/13--03:58: mikencfl65 on "FTP Folder"
  • THanks found that , I posted the other problem above.

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  • 11/13/13--13:56: fretzl on "FTP Folder"
  • Please check your file/folder permissions.

    Or contact your host.

    Btw, did you change your first post completely ?

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    After a recent upgrade, new images I uploaded could not be viewed by the public (only the admin account) due to permission problems. After setting the permissions of my entire site recursivley to public read access (and yes, I changed zp-data to private), the permissions of the new photos are still set to private. I have already uninstalled/wiped/reinstalled the site twice, so please let me know if you have ideas.

    Currently, all images are loading except newly uploaded ones. If I recursively change all permissions in albums and cache, they will load. Until that, they show up as an image error on the site and a 403 forbidden when I load the full image.

    Thanks in advance. (PS: site is

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    What did setup tell about permissions? If you haven't already please look here:

    If that all doesn't help, you may have to contact your host.

    Your site seems to work fine to me as far as I can see, except that it seems a bit slow.

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    Look in your configuration file for the line that sets $conf['CHMOD']. That is the base permissions Zenphoto will use when creating files and folders. If it is missing or too strict a permission for your server you should edit the line.

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    @arcylian - Check out

    @sbillard - What file is this in? I looked in zenphoto_config.txt but I couldn't find it.

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    Your config file .../zp-data/zenphoto_config.txt If the line is not in that file it would be because you have not set the permissions value during setup.

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    How do I add it? What data value should I give it (755?)

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    You can delete it (save your db etc credentials first) and re-run setup to let it re-create it.

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    What acrylian said is incorrect.

    You need to run setup and set the permissions. There will be a line about file permissions. Normally if you have not set the permissions there will be a warning box alerting you to the fact that they are not chosen. If there is no warning box there will be a link to expose the details.

    But the problem is that we cannot tell you what the right answer to the data value since that is totally dependent on your server. Most likely the value you used when you recursively set the permissions on your albums and cache is the right one, though.

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    So I unlocked the setup files and ran setup, choosing the "relaxed" option (it was set to strict by default, and I was manually setting the permissions to 755). When I clicked the apply button in the permissions box of setup, I got a 500 internal server error. When I visit the site, I get the same thing. Did I just break my entire site?

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