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    No, there is no plugin to limit the upload dimensions like that. We only have the quota_manager to limit the number of images per user upload. The best is to resize them before uploading using one of those resize tools outthere (it does often not make sense on site to have images that big)

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    Whoa...wait a minute...what's all this then in the uploader.php file? It's commented out, but it has my exact dimensions! bizarre....I might try enabling it!

    class UploadHandler {
    	private $options;
    	function __construct($options = null) {
    		$this->options = array(
    						'script_url'							 => $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'],
    						'upload_dir'							 => dirname(__FILE__) . '/files/',
    						'upload_url'							 => dirname($_SERVER['PHP_SELF']) . '/files/',
    						'param_name'							 => 'files',
    						// The php.ini settings upload_max_filesize and post_max_size
    						// take precedence over the following max_file_size setting:
    						'max_file_size'						 => null,
    						'min_file_size'						 => 1,
    						'accept_file_types'				 => '/.+$/i',
    						'max_number_of_files'			 => null,
    						'discard_aborted_uploads'	 => true,
    						'image_versions'					 => array(
    						// Uncomment the following version to restrict the size of
    						// uploaded images. You can also add additional versions with
    						// their own upload directories:
    						  'large' => array(
    						  'upload_dir' => dirname(__FILE__).'/files/',
    						  'upload_url' => dirname($_SERVER['PHP_SELF']).'/files/',
    						  'max_width' => 1920,
    						  'max_height' => 1200
    						  'thumbnail' => array(
    						  'upload_dir' => dirname(__FILE__).'/thumbnails/',
    						  'upload_url' => dirname($_SERVER['PHP_SELF']).'/thumbnails/',
    						  'max_width' => 80,
    						  'max_height' => 80
    		if ($options) {
    			$this->options = array_replace_recursive($this->options, $options);

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    That uploader is an adapted script, I didn't remember that is there actually and I don't think it makes generally sense to enable that.

    But feel free to comment it out if it fits your purpose (you will need to do this again on any update). Or create a ticket so we might consider to add those as plugin options.

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    Besides the fact that you will have to make this change each time there is an update to Zenphoto, it will not do what you have asked.

    Note that the values are max width and height. So all enabling this will do is prevent larger images from being uploaded. Of course you could find where these items are referenced and change the code to check for exact matches.

    But if I understand correctly, all you want is for the downloaded image size to be 1900x1200. It would be possible to make a plugin for the download that "cached" the image at 1900x1200 and provided the download from that cached image. For images that are already that size, no processing will occur. For ones that are not, then Zenphoto will resize them.

    Certainly that would be a much more convenient solution.

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    or allow the user to crop photos in a slick way...

    There is of course the crop_image plugin which allows you to crop images after uploading them to an album.

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    Hi there,

    Thanks a lot for you guys to help the dummy web master who is the first time to use ZEN photo.

    I just follow the instructions to finish the installation of the ZEN photo. I could create album & change some general infos of the gallery. How ever, I find the "UPLOAD" is not available in the admin menu - means I cannot upload images. If I directly enter the page admin-upload.php, it says "There are no upload handlers enabled that can service your request. ".

    Could you tell me is there any way to resolve the problem? Maybe I can inform web host provider to open some functions ...

    Zenphoto version [676d2dec8b] (Official build)
    Current locale setting: Chinese_People's Republic of China.936
    Server path: F:/klarkelucom-1db151/www
    WEB path:
    PHP Session path: F:/klarkelucom-1db151/www/zp-data/PHP_sessions
    Current gallery theme: Default
    PHP version: 5.2.17
    Graphics support: PHP GD library bundled (2.0.34 compatible)
    supporting: gif, jpg, jpeg, png, bmp
    PHP memory limit: 24M (Note: Your server might allocate less!)
    MySQL version: 5.0.19
    Database name: db_klarkelucom_s06_os_tw_cn
    Table prefix: ZEN_
    Spam filter: No spam filter configured
    CAPTCHA generator: zpCaptcha
    There is no mail handler configured!

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    You will have to activate the appropriate plugin first.
    Then you will see an upload tab.

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    There are two different uploader plugins, uploader_http and uploader_jquery. Actually one should have been enabled by default.

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    I recently installed ZenPhoto to my LAMP server using Softaculous.

    After logging in as an admin I'm able to do general things like click the Album tab create a gallery, or view the Options...

    however I can't find where to upload pics! A quick Google search tells me there should be an Upload tab but I don't see one.

    I feel like such a n00b. Please help!

    (aside: The same thing happened to me when I was toying with the live demo, but I figured that uploading was disabled for the public demo and it would be present when I installed on my private server.)

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    First, we have no idea what installers like Softaculous do and we recommend installing manually (see the installation page).

    If the upload tab is missing and you are not using a Zenphoto user account without upload rights, there must be something wrong. You should look into your server error log therefore. Softaculous could have done something wrong, the permissions could be wrong etc. Without error log knowledge we are guessing.

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    When you do a fresh install of zenphoto, the uploader plugins are disabled. So you need to enable at least one of them (uploader_http or uploader_jQuery)

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    Actually I think they should be enabled…

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    I think they used to be enabled by default but when I've installed it lately they've been disabled

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    Thank you acrylian and SubJunk for your responses!

    As an admin I clicked the Plugins tab and went to the Uploader section. Both uploader_http and uploader_jQuery are unchecked.

    So thanks for pointing me in the right direction!

    I have a follow-up questions... which uploader should I use? What's the difference?

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    "First, we have no idea what installers like Softaculous do and we recommend installing manually (see the installation page)."

    I originally found ZenPhoto was because it was listed in the options for image galleries in Softaculous. Is there something wrong with how Softaculous installs ZenPhoto? Will I run in to problems in the future if I don't uninstall and install manually?

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    The difference is the technique used to upload. http is a plain html upload with one file per form while the other is a jQuery based upload that allows several files at once and is more convenient. We have the plain html one in case it does not work in some (possibly older) browsers. So if you are on modern browser just the one you like best.

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    We cannot answer anything in regarding Softaculous or other install helpers. We don't know or use them. We recommend the manual install as that is what we test. Especially on upgrades they tend to cause various issues in the past. We have a note about that on our installation page.

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    Thanks for the details about the uploaders!

    Regarding installations: If I've installed using Softaculous and use the gallery for awhile, then later when I go to update do I have the option of:

    -backing up the DB
    -deleting the Softaculous install
    -manually installing the latest version
    -restoring the DB

    Will this work? Will the DB that was used with the Softaculous install be compatible with a fresh, manual install?

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    If you use the same database in the configuration and keep all albums in place I see no reason why that should not work.

    Of course unless Softaculous does something else which we - as said - don't know.

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    I just installed a new copy of ZenPhoto onto a website.

    I have it pretty much setup the way I want it, but the problem is that I can't upload files. When I go to the upload tab, I choose the directory/album I want and when I click "Add Files" it completely freezes my firefox. I know it has to be a setting somewhere or a permissions issue somewhere, because I have this script running perfectly on another site.

    Any help would be great. Thanks.

    Chris W.

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